Best Bench Grinder in 2017 [Detailed Buying Guide With Reviews]

For those who are into woodworking, there are many tools that you need in your workshop, and a bench grinder is among the important tools. You do not need to own a larger tool if you are not planning to use it for industrial applications. There are many compact bench grinders on the market that you can get for different projects. So, what exactly is a bench grinder and how do you pick the best bench grinder?

In simple terms, a bench grinder is a tool with two spindles and a motor at the center. You can use the tool for different applications such as grinding off the rust, sharpening tools and smoothening among others.

Many top brands produce the best bench grinder which includes SKIL, WEN, DeWalt, Metabo, and Jet just to mention a few. I have researched the market and now presenting you with reviews of top ten best bench grinders that you should consider buying.


How To Choose The Best Bench Grinder?

Before you purchase a bench grinder, you should carry out some research because they come in different sizes, styles, and price tags so that you can get the best for you. I have compiled this buying guide to help you choose the best bench grinders.

Best Bench Grinder


The motor is a major component in a bench grinder because it determines its performance. A larger motor will provide more power as compared to a small motor. Choosing the right motor size will highly depend on the tasks that you want to do. If you are handling big projects like cutting tough metals, a big motor will be ideal. On the other hand, if you are dealing with simple DIY projects, you can pick a bench press with a small or medium-sized motor.


Size and Weight

The weight of the bench grinder will depend on its size. A smaller tool will weigh less as compared to a larger tool. It is great if you ensure that the tool you are purchasing will fit well on the table to provide you with a comfortable working space.


Grinding Wheels

Bench grinders come with different types of wheels that can be used depending on the task at hand. For instance, coarse grit grinding wheels are ideal for sharpening tools while fine grit provides finer and sharp results.


A grinder with buffing wheels is perfect for polishing metals and wire wheels remove rust effectively on different metals. It is important if you check the wheel because some are stronger in cutting metals as compared to others when trying to buy the best bench grinder.


Other Considerations When Picking The Best Bench Grinder

  • Warranty
  • Cast iron base
  • Safety features
  • Lighting
  • Wet grinding ability
  • Cooling system
  • Sharpening tools


What Are The Benefits Of Using Best Bench Grinder?

There are many reasons why handymen use bench grinders for handling small to large applications. Whether the work involves wood, stone, metal or hard plastic, a bench grinder is a very versatile unit that you need in your workshop. Here are the benefits of having the best bench grinder:


Carpentry Work

If you love DIY projects or other carpentry projects like building cabinets, decks, and other woodwork, owning a bench grinder will greatly help you in removing unwanted materials very easy. With the tool, it is very easy to come up with ergonomic wood furniture.



You will also benefit a lot with the best bench grinder when you are painting. As you know, you cannot paint on rough surfaces. You need to prepare the surfaces before so that you can get rid of old paint and smooth the surfaces. With a grinder, you can do the work pretty easy and fast as compared to using sandpaper which can be very tiring and boring.


Plumbing Applications

Plumbing is a task that involves cutting pipes, especially for demolition work. If you get uneven cuts, you can flatten the surfaces using a bench grinder. Bench grinders are also very useful when cutting through floor and wall tiles when plumbers need to get to the pipes underground.


Flooring Tasks

You can also benefit a lot when you are using bench grinders in flooring projects. This can include raising nail heads, smoothening out-blocked joints or removing anything else sticking on the floor.


Ten Best Bench Grinder Reviewed Below:

For most DIY lovers and professional craftsmen, looking for bench grinder can be time-consuming. This is I have reviewed some of the best bench grinders in the market that will be great for different applications.


WEN 4276 6-Inch Bench Grinder

WEN 4276 6-Inch Bench Grinder

Are you in need of a bench grinder for handling small scale projects? The WEN 4276 6-Inch is the right tool for the job. This lightweight grinder will help you save a lot of money that you use when replacing dull and rusty tools.

Wondering if you can use the tool even in low light conditions? Yes, you can! The grinder is designed with a flexible work light that illuminates the workplace to bring about the best precision and visibility when working.

The grinder doesn’t produce maddening noise during operation. It has a powerful 2.1 amp motor that gives you quick start-ups and a steady operation speed of up to 3450.


  • It has an adjustable tool rest
  • Very powerful and quiet motor
  • Designed with protective eye guards to prevent sparks and debris
  • Designed with a quality and stable cast iron base
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Designed with grit wheels for material removal


  • Customers complain of wobbling wheels

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Craftsman 9-21154 Variable Speed 6-Inch Grinding Center

The Craftsman 9-21154 is another great tool that provides you with versatility when you are handling grinding and sharpening jobs. The grinder provides you with a variable 6-inch grinding center and variable speed control. You can choose between 2000 to 3450 rpm.

Craftsman 9-21154 Variable Speed 6-Inch Grinding Center features large and adjustable tool rests with patented attachment to provide you with accurate bit sharpening. It has a variable speed control ranging from 2000 to 3450 rpm, and this makes it perfect for different applications.

It is designed with a large oversized cast iron base that provides you with stability when you are working because there are no vibrations at all. The grinder also includes a water cooling tray and a handheld wheel dresser that all enhance its operation.Craftsman 9-21154 Variable Speed6 Inches


  • Has a wider clear eye
  • Designed with quick-change wheel guards
  • The water cooling tray prevents it from overheating
  • Features variable speed control from 2000 to 3450 rpm
  • Designed with a flexible work light
  • Has a handheld wheel dresser


  • The motor could have been more powerful
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JET 577103 10-Inch Industrial Bench Grinder

JET 577103 10-Inch is an ideal grinder for sharpening, polishing, buffing, removing burs from metal and grinding. It features clear eye-shields on the top of the wheel that allow you to get closer when working while still protecting your eyes.

It is designed with 1 horsepower 115-volt motor that operates at a speed of 1725 rpm to provide you with enough power for heavy grinding. Expect maximum stability when you are working with the tool. It has a rubber foot that ensures there is no unwanted movement during operation.

This tool features a heavy duty construction making it very powerful. It also has a long life motor so that you can use the grinder every day for different applications.

JET 577103 10-Inch Industrial Bench Grinder 1

  • It has enclosed pre-lubricated ball bearing
  • Large eye shields with quick adjustment
  • Comes with two-year warranty
  • Has a long life motor
  • Designed with cast iron wheel guards and dust vents


  • No cons for the grinder so far
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SKIL 3380-01 6-Inch Bench Grinder

When it comes to powerful and quality power tools, SKIL 3380-01 6-Inch Bench Grinder is one of the leading brands that provide the best bench grinder tools. If you need to try their bench grinder, you can get the SKIL 3380-01 6-Inch, and you will love working with the tool.

The grinder is designed with built-in LED lights above the two wheels that increase visibility hence giving you the opportunity to get your job done perfectly well even on poorly lit working environments.

SKIL 3380-01 6-Inch Bench Grinder

The tool is packed with incredible safety features that promote a safe operation. It has eye shields that provide increased safety. On top of that, the grinder features a solid cast iron base with rubber feet that is easy to mount on a bench top for improved stability.


  • The medium and coarse wheels grind different types of materials
  • Designed with adjustable tool rest
  • Has built-in LED work light for improved visibility
  • Eye shields provide increased safety
  • Comes with one year warranty and 30 days money back guarantee
  • Durable rubber feet provide increased stability


  • Customers complain of poor packing hence they receive the unit broken
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Dewalt DW756 6-Inch Heavy-Duty Bench Grinder

Are you looking for the best bench grinder that will handle heavy duty grinding applications? If you are, then you should consider purchasing the Dewalt DW756 6-Inch grinder. The tool features powerful 5/8 HP induction motor that makes it perfect for tough applications.

It is designed with industrial cast iron base and a quality motor house for prolonged life and durability. The speed of the motor of the grinder runs at 3450 rpm which is perfect for high-speed material removal.

The tool is backed up by a three-year warranty that covers all defects to workmanship and faulty materials. When you buy the tool, you will also enjoy one-year free service from Dewalt where the company maintains the tools and replaces any worn out parts as a result of normal use.

DEWALT DW756 6-Inch Bench Grinder



  • Features a powerful motor for heavy-duty grinding applications
  • Runs at high speed of 3450 rpm for fast material removal
  • Features industrial cast iron base and motor housing are strong for durability
  • Carries three-year limited warranty and one year of free service
  • The tool comes at an affordable price
  • Features precision machined aluminum tool rest to position your work accurately


  • Poor design and complaints of wobbling wheel
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Metabo DS 200 8-Inch Compact Bench Grinder

This is another top bench grinder that you can purchase for handling quite some tasks. As compared to other grinders, this one is a little heavy, but its weight makes it very stable when you are using it. You will not experience any vibration when working with this tool.

This sturdy machine is perfect for industrial applications, and it is designed with a maintenance-free motor. It features strong die-cast aluminum protective covers that enhance the durability of the machine.

Metabo DS 200 8-Inch Bench Grinder

The grinder is also designed with protective cover bayonet lock that provides quick and simple disc change. It has a no-load speed of 3750 rpm that makes it perfect for tough jobs.


  • The grinder is silent and works with minimum vibration
  • It is sturdy and balanced
  • Designed with maintenance-free induction motor
  • Robust die-cast aluminum protective covers


  • Expensive and heavy
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Jet 577102 8-Inch Heavy-Duty Bench Grinder

This is an ideal grinder for cleaning, sharpening, removing rust, removing burs from metal and buffing among other industrial grade applications. This grinder is designed with industrial grade 36-grit and 60-grit 8 inch wheels that provide maximum versatility when you are working.

It featured a powerful 1 horsepower motor with a speed of up to 3450 rpm that provides the required power for heavy grinding. When it comes to stability, expect the best from this unit. It sits on a rubber foot that prevents unnecessary movement. You can even bolt the grinder to get maximum stability.

JET 577102 JBG-8A 8-Inch Bench Grinder

Another great feature of the grinder is the large eye shields with a quick adjustment that provide maximum safety when you are working.


  • Comes with two-year limited warranty
  • Designed with heavy duty guarded toggle switch
  • Has a powerful motor with a high speed
  • Features enclosed pre-lubricated ball bearings
  • The large eye shields with quick adjustment promote safety


  • The wheels are not better quality
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DeWalt DW758

When you are choosing any power tool, you need a versatile model that can handle most of the simple and hard applications. You can get all your grinding tasks done with the DeWalt DW758. It features a ¾ HP induction motor that offers superior power for industrial grinding jobs.

The grinder has a motor that runs at 3600 rpm to provide high-speed material removal. It is also designed with rugged cast iron base and a motor housing that provides durability and a long life.

DeWalt DW758 Review

For accurate results, this grinder is designed with a precision machined aluminum tool rest. It also has rear exhaust ports in the wheel guards that provide a smooth operation.


  • Provides accurate grinding
  • The wheel guards have exhaust ports that provide smooth operation
  • The motor provides high speed for faster material removal
  • The grinder is durable and heavy duty
  • Has a rugged cast-iron base and motor housing that provide durability


  • Complaints of wobbling and vibrations
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Sunex 5002A Bench Grinder

You can also choose to pick this grinder that is designed with a ball bearing construction to provide smooth grinding operations. The tool is designed with heavy duty cast iron base that makes it stable and durable.

If you have experienced problems mounting your grinder, things are better now with this unit. It is made with mounting holes and rubber feet for simple mounting on stands and workbenches.

Sunex 5002A Bench Grinder

The grinder comes with two grinding wheels, course 36 grit and medium 60 grit to handle different kinds of applications. If you are working in a poorly illuminated area, never mind because the grinder has built-in bright and flexible work light.


  • Designed with mounting holes and rubber feet
  • The cast iron base provides durability
  • The built-in work light provide illumination
  • Each of the wheels has protective guard and adjustable eye shield
  • The adjustable eye shield provide protection


  • The grinding wheel
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Baldor 662R 6-Inch 1/3-Horsepower Industrial Duty Big Red Grinder

Working with dull tools might compromise the quality of work. Again, if you consider the cost of replacing all dull tools, it will be very expensive. In such a case, you can get the best bench grinders to help you sharpen your tools for different applications.

With the Baldor 662R 6-Inch, you can do all those and much more. The unit has 1/3 hp single phase 115 motor with a speed of 3600 rpm that provides plenty of power for sharpening tools.

Baldor 662R 6-Inch 13-Horsepower Industrial Duty Big Red Grinder

It is designed with 36 grit wheel and wire wheel which work well in removing rust, metal burrs and scale on all types of metal equipment.


  • Comes with three-year warranty
  • You can tilt the tool rests at any angle
  • Features cast iron housing to withstand professional applications
  • Has a strong and powerful motor with high speed


  • It is heavy
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Final Words

You don’t need to be a professional to buy the best bench grinder. Even for small DIY projects, having these tools will greatly boost the way you do your work. All the tools that I have reviewed above can be used for different applications, and they provide satisfactory results.

I have only covered top quality bench grinders with unique features and come at affordable prices. Pick any tool that is perfect for you and you will have a simple time doing different kinds of work efficiently.

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