Top 12 Best Glue Guns in 2020

If you’re interested in arts, crafts, making small repairs or DIY projects, a glue gun should come in handy. Sure, other adhesive equipment like cello tapes, glue stick, glue dots or double-sided tapes does a great job.

There are, however, so many of those on the market. Choosing one may be a daunting task. This is where this review comes in. We will exclusively look at everything concerning a list of the best glue guns available in the market.

Best Glue Gun Review

Ten Best Glue Guns’ Reviews in 2020

1. CCbetter Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun, High-Temperature Melting Glue Gun

If you want to be a DIY craft genius, you need a glue gun. Using glue manually using your hand is too old. Get in touch with the modern world with the CCbetter Mini Hot Melt for daily quick repairs. This makes it the best.

This CCbetter heats up in 3-5minutes and maintains a constant temperature automatically. This makes it ideal for home, office and school craft projects for metal, wood, glass, card, fabric, plastic, ceramics and much more.

Although it uses electricity, it’s safe and comfortable. It has a power switch with an LED light mode. With its detachable and flexible support, the gun will remain upright and stable for use in any angle.

This gun will be functional once the trigger is put to use. It controls glue flow that helps you save aCCbetter Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun lot of glue sticks. The high-quality and insulated nozzle ensures there’s no deforming even in long-term use under 500oF.

This CCbetter glue gun comes inclusive of 25pcs environmental-friendly glue sticks. They have strong adhesive and easy cleaning properties. This ensures the protection of your health and items.


  • Heats up in 3-5minutes
  • Power switch and LED light mode
  • Can be used at any angle
  • The trigger controls glue flow
  • Comes with 25pcs of glue sticks


  • The gun points down, so glue tends to drip on to surfaces
  • The glue sticks are extra long

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2. Best Hot Heavy Duty 20Watt Rapid Heating Technology

If you’re looking for an exceptional adhesive one, you’re in the right place. Thit Hot Heavy Duty will not disappoint you. Not only is it a great and easy to use the tool, but it’s also good for crafts and daily repairs making it perfect.

Any device that uses electricity can be dangerous. You need to take caution. This Best Hot gun has numerous safety features. It has a smart temperature control. Internal safety fuse to prevent overheating and an LED on/off the display.

The electricity needs to warm the gun to be functional. With its fast warm period, makes it efficient and used in as little as 3 minutes can be ready. The smart temperature control keeps it at a constant temperature.

Best Hot Glue Gun Heavy Duty 20Watt Rapid Heating Technology

This gun is perfect for hundreds of household DIY crafts. This could be arts and crafts, card making, holiday decorations, jewelry repair, minor household repairs and much more.

For an easy time and convenience, this comes with 25bonus hot glue sticks.


  • Has numerous safety features
  • Fast warm period of 3minutes
  • Perfect for a lot of household DIY crafts
  • Ergonomic and safe
  • Comes with 25bonus hot glue sticks


  • The glue stick needs to be manually pushed through the gun
  • Glue starts melting on surfaces when in use for a long time
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3. BSTPOWER Hot Glue Gun Adjustable Temperature

If you need to upgrade your current choice, this BSTPOWER Hot Gun is the one to go for. It’s the number stop for everyone fascinated with DIY hacks.

This gun has an adjustable temperature control. The temperature ranges widely from 100oC to 220oC making the glue gun good for both hot and cold applications.

Another amazing feature is, it heats up quickly. It takes 3-5minutes to warm up. An indicator light lets you know that the gun is at the set temperature. In addition to this, the gun has an over-heating protection with ceramic PTC thermistor. It has an automatic thermostat for energy saving, cooling hole and a heat insulation device on the tail

BSTPOWER Hot Glue Gun Adjustable Temperature

A unique feature of this tool is the non-drip interchangeable nozzle. The anti-drip is a built-in leak-proof valve. The insulated tip provides for a consistent and steady flow of glue, and the narrow size allows for precise application.

It’s wonderfully constructed as it’s lightweight. It has an easy squeeze trigger, rubber coating for easy cleaning and a detachable stand to keep it stable and upright.


  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Takes 3-5minutes to warm up
  • Overheating protection
  • Non-drip interchangeable nozzle
  • Beautifully constructed


  • Glue sticks are bought separately
  • It’s a large gun that could be uncomfortable
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4. Hot Glue Guns Ragnaros 60Watt Best Hot Melt Glue Gun

Finding the perfect gun can be the toughest job. If you’re looking for one that will easily suit your needs, the Hot Glue Guns Ragnaros is what you’re looking for. It’s the reliable gun that’s an easy-to-use adhesive tool for DIY crafts and daily repairs.

It’s a professionally designed glue gun. It has a high-quality copper nozzle with high temperature protecting cover – which is wear resistant and leak-proof glue escaping. The trigger propulsion device built-in slip ring prevents the plastic rod back and controls glue flow.

The rapid heating and powerful 60Watt glue gun have a high-tech electronic PTC heating technology. The rapid safety feature allows for preheating of 3-5minutes. The smart temperature control keeps the gun at a constant temperature.

Hot Glue Guns Ragnaros 60Watt Best Hot Melt Glue Gun

Not only is the gun efficient, but it’s also energy efficient and safe. It uses 100-240V and 50-60Hz. The gun has an overheating case with thermal insulation on the handle with an LED indicator an internal safety fuse.

For your convenience, this kit gun comes with hot glue sticks. These 30individual glue sticks are super adhesive and with easy cleaning properties to protect your health items.


  • Professionally designed glue gun
  • Rapid heating and powerful 60 Watt gun
  • Takes 3-5minutes to heat up
  • Energy efficient and safe
  • Comes with 30individual adhesive glue sticks


  • The power button accidentally switches off when touched
  • Not for use for big long projects

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5. Surebonder PRO2-100 Temperature Industrial Glue Gun

If you’re a victim of muscle fatigue after using your current tool, you need to get a smaller/lightweight one. The Surebonder PRO2-100 Temperature Industrial will help you overcome this hurdle.

All glue guns use electricity. The trick is to find that’s energy efficient but functional. It uses 100Watts of heating power.

With the solid PTC (positive temperature control) heaters, the heat of this gun will be in your control. You’ll be free to choose whichever temperature is comfortable for you.

Finding a gun with a nozzle that is sufficient for use can be frustrating. However, this Surebonder kit is different. It has an insulated heat-resistant nozzle, so you will use it for a while without heat damaging it.

Surebonder PRO2-100 Temperature Industrial Glue Gun

The trigger of this gun was made for frequent use. It’s ergonomically designed to be able to squeeze glue from the gun easily. It comes with 7/16-inch diameter glue sticks for your convenience.


  • Uses 100Watts of heating power
  • Comes with a solid PTC (positive temperature control)
  • Equipped with an insulated heat-resistant nozzle
  • Ergonomically designed trigger
  • Lightweight


  • Takes time before heating up
  • It doesn’t have a power indicator button
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6. Adhesive Technologies 0280 Hybrid Multi-temp Cordless Glue Gun

Some DIY projects need a lot of concentration, and you won’t have time to ensure that the glue gun is plugged into the power source. If you do a lot of projects like these, you need this Adhesive Technologies 0280 Hybrid Multi-temp one.

This Adhesive Technologies product is a dual power device. It can be used in three modes. Battery powered cordless (4AA rechargeable batteries), plugged in on its 5foot power cord and battery powered and AC powered when the extra output is needed.

This is as energy efficient as it’s convenient. It uses 6Volts/120Volts. However, it doesn’t require restart or warm-up. This makes it perfect for use for long activities.

Adhesive Technologies 0280 Hybrid Multi-temp Cordless Gun

With its wide, stable base stand, this will stay in place hence great when it’s not in use. The glue will not end up messing your workspace.

This Adhesive technology uses mini size 0.28-inch diameter glue sticks. They are extra adhesive.


  • Can be used in three modes
  • Cordless glue gun
  • Uses 6Volts/120Volts
  • Wide, stable base stand for stability and storage
  • Uses mini size adhesive glue sticks


  • The glue sticks dry fast
  • Batteries die quickly
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7. Surebonder DT-280F Dual Temperature 60Watt Full-Size Standard Glue Gun

DIY crafts and other daily repairs are fun until you have to change the settings from either hot to cold. This can turn out to be messy especially when the gun is hot. This is the reason you need the Surebonder DT-280F Dual Temperature Glue Gun.

This is the first dual temperature provider of this review. This makes this Surebonder DT-280F ideal for projects that require high or low temperature. It comes with a high and low switch. The high setting is perfect for working on projects of metal, plastic or ceramic. The low setting is for use on sensitive material like lace, foil, ribbon, floral foam or lightweight fabric

It uses 60-Watt, 120Volts of power. This makes it energy-efficient as well as convenient.

The glue gun comes inclusive of a flip down stand. This makes storage easier. It also makes the stand remain upright when not in use which prevents glue from dripping.

Surebonder DT-280F Dual Temperature 60Watt Full-Size Standard Glue Gun

Dripping of glue won’t be a problem with this gun. This is because it comes with a no-drip tip. It’s responsible for ensuring that glue doesn’t drip even when the gun is laid on its side.


  • Dual temperature glue gun
  • Energy efficient
  • Comes inclusive of a flip down stand
  • No-drip tip
  • Uses 4/10inch glue sticks


  • Glue overflows when used for an extended period
  • Takes time heating up
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8. Surebonder H-195 Mini Detailed Glue Gun

When shopping for a perfect one, go for one with a tip that is precise. This will reduce the time you spend on your DIY projects, and it will also reduce messes. This Surebonder H-195 will put your mind at peace and save your time and money.

While other glue guns have a standardized tip for using during art projects, this Surebonder H-195 stands out. It has an extended tip for accurate, detailed work. This nozzle is insulated to last a while when you use it.

The 20Watt high temperature used to power this kit creates an amazing bond with the instruments you use. Like paper, fabric, wood, plastic, metal, ceramics and much more.

Surebonder H-195 Mini Detailed Glue Gun

To show you whether the gun is on or off, it comes with a lighted power light. With its detachable auxiliary stand, you can decide whether you need it or not. For more convenience, the gun uses high-temperature 5/16-inch in diameter by 4/10inch length glue sticks.


  • Extended tip for accurate, detailed work
  • Insulated nozzle
  • 20Watt high temperature can be used on any instrument
  • Lighted power light
  • Uses high-temperature glue sticks


  • Heats up too quickly
  • The cord makes it hard to get the stand-up
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9. Adhesive Technologies 0441 High-Temperature Mini Glue Gun

If you have toddlers who just started going to school, you need a glue gun. Why? Because soon they will start coming home with homework that requires you to help them glue things together. The Adhesive Technologies 0441 is the one you should go for.

This 10Watts of power is great for quick fixes. It can be around the house or for simple school projects. It will perform as you need it to.

It is a 120V 5feet corded glue gun making it energy efficient as well as convenient. This will, in turn, save you a lot of money and time.

Adhesive Technologies 0441 High-Temperature Mini Glue Gun

In addition to these features, it’s relatively small. Perfect for projects that require minimal tasks. The bond it creates can be of wood, metal, glass, wood or more. The gun uses mini size 0.28inch diameter glue sticks that are super adhesive.


  • Uses 10Watts of power
  • Comes with a 120V, 5feet cord
  • Relatively small for small tasks
  • Uses mini size adhesive glue sticks
  • Takes a short time heating up


  • It doesn’t come with glue sticks
  • Only useful for small projects
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10. Adhesive Technologies Two-temp Glue Gun

Interested in starting to make your DIY projects? You need a glue gun instead of your conventional bottled glue. This Adhesive Technologies Two-temp will be your perfect choice.

To apply glue only where it’s needed, this Adhesive Technologies two-temp will get you covered. It has an insulated needle nozzle that allows for precision gluing.

This Adhesive Technology gun features a high or low-temperature option. It can be used up to five minutes when not plugged. This allows for flexibility to reach those impossible places.

This gun uses 40Watts of power making it energy efficient. With its power on light, you can easily monitor when the gun is on or not. This is for added safety.Adhesive Technologies Two-temp Glue Gun


The exterior of this kit is made from a material that allows for a comfortable, non-slip grip. In addition, it has a removable stand that helps in keeping the gun upright and stable especially when in use.


  • Needle nozzle for precision gluing
  • Power on light for extra safety
  • Comfortable in the hands
  • Comes with a removable stand


  • It doesn’t come with glue sticks
  • Glue flows out even when the trigger isn’t squeezed
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11. Attican Black Iron Hot Glue Gun

Make your DIY projects enjoyable using this Attican Black Iron Hot Glue Gun. It’s the perfect gun for both starters and professionals offering amazing glued results.

This Attican is one of the many heavy duty guns in the market. It’s a 20Watts mini hot for crafting, building and repairing.

Attican Black Iron Hot Glue Gun

This tool is lightweight yet sturdy. You can easily lift it, flip it, tint it to one side or use it in any angle. It uses glue sticks that are a 5/16inch size that comes with the package. These glue sticks provide for fast glue melting which saves you a lot of time.


  • Perfect for starters and professionals
  • Heavy duty glue gun
  • 20Watts mini hot glue gun
  • Lightweight yet sturdy
  • Fast melting glue


  • Complaints of the exterior materials being flimsy
  • The gun falls over often
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12. Surebonder DT-270KIT Full-Size Glue Gun

If you have so many broken things in the house, you need a glue gun to stick them back together. This Surebonder DT-270KIT, Full-Size, is the one to get you started on all of your craft, DIY projects, and repairs.

This comes with a dual temperature setting. This makes the gun versatile and convenient for your gluing needs. Just flip the switch from low to high or high to low. The highest temperature is 380degree, and low temperature is 280degrees.

This Surebonder uses 40Watts, 120Volts. This makes the gun very energy efficient. It will save you a lot of money.

Surebonder DT-270KIT Full-Size Glue Gun

It uses 7/16inch diameter glue sticks and 4/10inch lengths. It’s guaranteed that the gun will melt the glue to your exact specification. With its built-in stand, you can use it at any angle, store it, stabilize when not in use or let it rest between functions


  • Dual temperature setting
  • Uses 40Watts/120Volts
  • Uses standard, easily available glue sticks
  • Built-in stand for convenience
  • Versatile and convenient


  • It doesn’t have an on/off switch
  • Uses a lot of glue sticks per project
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Best Glue Guns Buying Guide

These special tools have different features and are very sensitive devices. This is because they use electricity. Don’t settle for a glue gun because the color fascinated you, well it can be a reason for the purchase but look at other specs. Below are some issues you need to look at to judge the best one.


Temperature Setting

For the glue to melt in the gun, heat must be involved. In this case, the power source is electricity. The perfect glue guns have a temperature setting on them. With that, you have the power to control how hot/cold you want the gun to be.

While there are guns with only one setting; high temperature, others have a dual function temperature setting.

Low-temperature glue guns operate at 100oC. This is perfect for sensitive material like lace, ribbon or foam. High-temperature guns operate at least 193oC. This is perfect for material that involves wood, metal, ceramic or leather.

So you need to choose a gun with either of those settings or both. Dual temperature setting guns are more flexible, versatile and convenient.

Do You Need A Cord?

There are corded and cordless ones.

Cordless guns are convenient for reaching those hard to reach places a cord wouldn’t be convenient for. They use batteries. However, they use up batteries quickly.

Corded guns, on the other hand, need to be plugged into a power source every time it’s in use. Once it’s unplugged, it doesn’t work. There are however some versatile guns you can unplug and use cordless for between 2-5minutes and plug back.

When choosing corded or, cordless guns, keep in mind the extra cost you will have to spend. Like on batteries or your electricity bill.

glue guns ultimate review

Stand? Yes Or No?

The stand is responsible for making the glue gun stable when it’s being used or when it’s resting. When searching for a glue gun, settle on one with a stand. It will help you keep your workbenches clean from spilled glue messes. Most of these glue stands come with a detachable stand for convenience.

If your glue doesn’t come with a stand, consider buying one. You can get them online or from your local retailer. Alternatively, you can improvise, make your stand.

Nozzle And Tips

They work hand in hand. The best glue guns have an insulated nozzle to protect you from electric shocks. It also ensures that the tip lasts for a while.

The tips are responsible for getting the glue out. There are standard tips and thin tips. Standard tips are for general gluing. These tips are used for a more precise gluing experience. These tips are interchangeable in some glue guns. Others, however, don’t have that feature.

Choose the one that will give you versatile gluing.


Glue Sticks

The most qualified ones come with their glue sticks. Otherwise, you will have to purchase them separately. Before you buy new glue sticks, look at the specifications in the glue gun. You may end up buying glue sticks that are small or large, narrow or wide for the gun.

A majority of glue sticks work only in high-temperature settings, but there are those that work in both high and low. Ensure you have the correct one.


Benefits Of Using Glue Guns

  • To perform minor indoor repairs like securing loose panels or gluing toys back together
  • Create exciting crafts for work, home, the office or schools like Valentine cards, ribbons or badges
  • Helps you come up with DIY hacks that help you overcome day to day life.


Final Verdict

The best glue guns use electricity, so be very cautious when operating them especially when children are around. They’re however very efficient and a must-have tool in your home arsenal.

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