12 Best Stud Finders ~ A Complete Review

There is always some risk of damaging the wall if you indulge in mounting the TV or installing shelves without taking your time to locate the stands. Well, some people think that you can estimate the location of the studs by bearing in account the equal intervals between studs. It is easier side than done but could be easy with the help of the best stud finders.

Take this opportunity to use these on the market. Stud finders, also known as the permanent or static magnet are both magnetic and electronic. While the magnetic ones give for straightforward use by detecting nails and screws on studs, electronic ones give lots of versatility. Sometimes all that you need is a straightforward use.

12 Best Stud Finders’ Reviews

We researched the professional static magnet on this list. We use each of them, and tell if they have the qualities that the manufacturers say they have. Any single one that falls short of the qualities does not make it into the list.

1. CH Hanson 03040 Magnetic Stud Finder

CH Hanson 03040 easily fits in the pocket owing to its small and compact size. It has a powerful magnet that allows for hands -free operation. Once you locate the metal screws or nail the CH Hanson 03040 holds on to the wall.

Its capability to hang on the wall eliminates the need to make wall markings. In the case that you must make the wall markings, it has a two-way level that gives for easy marking. A soft grip enables for easy and soft touch grabbing.

CH Hanson 03040 Magnetic Stud Finder

The powerful earth magnet eliminates the need for battery power, making the CH Hanson an easy to use. It has an ergonomic design, and it has no electronic components hence can stand to toss, dropping, and banging.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Doesn’t need battery power
  • Lack of electronic components made for low maintenance
  • Soft grip
  • Powerful earth magnet (allows for hands-free operation)
  • Two-way level


  • It’s small (covers less surface on the wall)

2. Zircon e50-FFP Stud Sensor e50 Edge-Finding Electronic Stud Finder

The zircon is more than just an average tool; it is also a live wire locator for depths up to 2″ deep. While you want to drive a nail into the wall, live wires are a fear and we all should beware of, and zircon e50 eliminates the fear by indicating the presence of a live wire.

It has two modes: the stud scan mode and the deep scan mode. In the stud scan mode, it locates the edges of both metal and wood studs up to ¾ inches, and 1-1/2 in the deep scan mode.  Telling the edges is easy with the easy to read LCD at your disposal.

Zircon e50-FFP Stud Sensor e50 Edge-Finding Electronic Stud Finder

Also, you do not need a pencil mark. A patented spotlight pointing system marks the target by shining an arrow shape light on the wall. It uses a patented internal technology to find the edges. Both the internal technology and the LCD require a 9V battery.


  • Two scan modes
  • Livewire warning detection system
  • Patented spotlight pointing system
  • LCD display
  • Ergonomic grip design


  • It requires a battery

3. Zircon 68314 MultiScanner i520 Center-Finding Stud Finder

Even better from Zircon is the zircon 68314, it scans not only the edges of the stud but also the center of the stud. You will also be using this stud finder for AC electrical wires up to 2 inches on the wall. To avoid damaging pipe use the metal scan mode of the Zircon 68314.

The metal scan mode detects both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It scans ferrous metal up to 1-1/2 inches into the wall and doubles the depth to 3 inches for ferrous metal. Also if the stud scan mode displays a weak signal, then you can switch to the deep mode that has double the power.

Zircon 68314 MultiScanner i520 Center-Finding Stud Finder

With the use of the audio tone and spotlight pointing system, using the Zircon 68314 is bliss. I use the spotlight pointing system in place of using pencil markings. The audio tone indicates the identification of the target. It also has an ultra-bright display for excellent display. Also, it has auto-correcting technology that corrects the common user error.


  • Auto correcting technology
  • Deep scan mode that has double the power
  • Metal scan mode
  • Spotlight pointing technology
  • The display has angle viewing technology
  • AC scan mode


  • At times tend to detect AC wires up to 6-8″ (pose no danger at such depths)


4. Center-Finding Stud Metal AC Wire WoodScanner Wall Stud Finder

The illuminated screen of this stud makes for an incredible display. An audible indication gives incredible feedback for mode and signal strength. It has multiple mode detections. The modes include stud detection up to 3/2 inches, and metal pipes, rebar, and AC wire up to 3 inches.

This unit is super easy to calibrate. Calibration requires placing it on a flat wall and holding still. Then you press and hold the scan button and wait till display bars clear indicating that calibration is over. The manufacturer backs this product with warranties.

Within 12 days you will get a replacement warranty, and money back guarantees within 30 days. From the moment you make the purchase the unit you start enjoying lifetime support from the manufacturer. Three operation buttons make for an easy to use the kit.


  • Manufacturer warranty
  • Easy to calibrate
  • Multiple modes of operation
  • Three buttons operation
  • LCD backlit display
  • Audible indication


  • A little heavy


5. Zircon SS 70 StudSensor Center-Finding with WireWarning Detection

The zircon SS 70 has an integrated marker that allows for easy-to-use. Once you find the target, you just need to push down the marker button, and the erasable marker makes the mark. The mark button allows for easy one hand operation of it. The marker is pre-installed, and the manufacturer also provides refills.

Zircon SS 70 StudSensor Center-Finding with WireWarning Detection

The manufacturer incorporates LEDs to aid with locating the center, direction, and edges of studs. It has several modes among them includes the stud scan, deep scan, and the wire warning detection mode. The wire warning detection mode works continuously.

The Zircon SS 70 automatically calibrates upon power on. You should wait until the ready button comes on before you start calibrating. The combination of the spotlight system and audio signal make for easy target location.


  • Spotlight system
  • Audio signal
  • Erasable integrated marker
  • Mark button allows for one hand operation
  • Manufacturer provides marker refills


  • The signal may weaken with battery power

6. Zircon StudSensor Pro SL Edge Finder Deep-Scanning Stud Finder

The Zircon stud sensor Pro SL edge has the most ergonomic design. It has a handle design that has contours giving a sure grip. Before you start using this one, the patented Trucal technology will calibrate the unit to the walls density. You will have to wait until the green ready light comes ON.

Whenever you approach the stud edge, the red LED lights to come on and when the green LED comes ON, you will receive the audio alert. Should you start scanning over the stud, a patented indicator comes ON. This technology helps with finding the edge of both metal and wood studs.

Zircon StudSensor Pro SL Edge Finder Deep-Scanning Stud Finder

A patented spotlight system will help you with the target location. The manufacturer accompanies the unit with easy to follow instructions. In the case of problems using the Zircon stud sensor pro, the customer service is more than glad to help you.


  • Calibrates to the wall density
  • Excellent customer service
  • Excellent LED lights feedback
  • Audio alert
  • Offers for a sure grip design


  • The plastic construction is not the best

7. Dr.meter Fi-1 Backlight Stud Metal AC Wire Scanner Wall Stud Finder

The first thing that I love about DR.meter Fi-1 is the clear set of instructions that accompany it. You get step by step guide on how to use it making it full proof. In stud mode, the finder detects it at depths of ½ an inch, 1 inch, and 3/2 inches. It also has the metal and AC live wire detection modes.

Dr.meter Fi-1 Backlight Stud Metal AC Wire Scanner Wall Stud Finder

With the aid of a graphical display and sound signal, you cannot miss the targets. The two also indicate the mode and the strength of the signal. Ergonomic design entails a compact body and an anti-slip design, qualities that make the Dr.meter Fi-1 a handy household and professional device.

Finding the sides and center of this is an easy task. Once you find the edge, you will be able to tell whether it is to the right or the left. Calibrating is a walk in the park, just make sure to hold the unit steady and not to calibrate over a stud, else it will not calibrate correctly.


  • Easy to calibrate
  • Graphical display
  • Anti-slip design
  • Compact body
  • Easy to follow instructions manual


  • The screen doesn’t allow for angle viewing

8. Bosch GMS120 Digital Multi-Scanner

Bosch GMS120 is quite an incredible one having a deep scan mode that can scan up to 4-3/4 inches into concrete. It has three selection modes; wood, metal, and AC wiring. Automatic calibration allows for easy and precise detection. A center marker pinpoints the center while the marking hole allows for making easy reference marks.

Bosch GMS120 Digital Multi-Scanner

The audible detection signal comes very much in handy for me. Depending on what you prefer you can choose to turn it ON/OFF. It has a well illuminated graphical display that offers easy readability of the signal strength and mode among other things.

An ergonomic soft grip allows for comfortable use. It is versatile and has consistent performance making it ideal for contractors, electricians, other professionals, and homeowners. The manufacturer includes the 9V battery that the unit needs for operation. Also, the manufacturer includes a hand strap and a carrying pouch.


  • Includes strap and carrying pouch
  • Versatile and consistent performance
  • Deep scan mode of up to 4-3/4 inches
  • Multi-mode detection
  • Audible detection signal has the ON/OFF button.


  • Instructions are not quite as good

9. Floureon TH-210 3 in 1 Backlight Stud Metal AC Live Wire Finder Electronic Stud Wall Finder

Just like the rest of those described ones earlier, the Floureon TH-210 has three detection modes. It detects studs up to 1.5 inches and doubles the depth for copper/ aluminum pipes and AC live wire. Identifying the studs is bliss, as well as locating the center of the studs.

Floureon TH-210 3 in 1 Backlight Stud Metal AC Live Wire Finder Electronic Stud Wall Finder

An audio indication system uses an audible beep to remind you of the studs position. The audio indication just serves to reinforce the illuminated graphical display. From the display alone you can easily locate studs and find their centers.

The instructions manual offer excellent guidelines on how to use the unit. The brand, Flouren gives you a one year warranty, and they have an amazing customer service.


  • One year warranty and excellent customer service
  • Audible deep
  • LCD backlit display
  • Clear user manual
  • Three detection modes


  • The battery is not included

10. Stanley FMHT77407 FatMax Stud Sensor 300

Stanley makes stud finding such an easy task with innovative technologies. These technologies include the one pass center finding technology and the auto-calibrating technology. This takes over whenever you switch the unit on placing it on the wall to suit the walls density.

Stanley FMHT77407 FatMax Stud Sensor 300

The one pass technology gives an easy and accurate location of the studs’ center. The AC scan mode scans at 1-1/2 inches and AC lives wires up to 3 inches. In the deep metal scan mode, it finds metal studs up to 3 inches of material.

You get excellent comfort and control of the tool, thanks to the new ergonomic design and soft grips. The marking channel gives accurate markings without having to use secondary means. The LCD backlit display the sensor readings even under low light conditions.


  • New ergonomic design with soft grips
  • One pass center finder technology
  • Auto calibration
  • Marking channel
  • Displays sensor reading even under low light


  • You have to look straight at the LCD display

11. aom 4 in 1 Multi-Scanner Stud Finder

The aom stud finder prevents you from damaging objects behind the wall. The display is sizeably big giving for an excellent reading area hence easy reading out findings. Also, upon identification of findings, the beep signal alerts you.

It comes in handy in finding the edges and center of the wood. In stud mode, it detects wood, beam, and joists up to 1.18 inches into the wall. In metal scan mode, it will detect aluminum, rebars, aluminum and iron pipes up to 1.57 inches.

Easy to use, all you need is selecting the type of application stud, metal, or deep stud. Then press either of the scan buttons depending on the direction of your scan. A small pencil grove allows for remarking the target points.


  • Pencil groove
  • Easy to use
  • Beep signal
  • Sizeable display
  • Accurately displays the type of stud


  • Sometimes product completely discharges (insert the battery in reverse then back correctly to solve that)

12. 3 in 1 Stud Sensor

The 3 in 1 stud sensor is quite an incredibly lightweight unit. Also, it has an ergonomic design that ensures a sure soft grip during use. The operation buttons are on the handle and make for ease of use.

The display shows the battery life. You can tell if it’s a battery low that is making for low signal strengths. It also accurately displays the findings metal, studs, and live wires. The display gives icons for the studs and metal. An LED flashes for the live wires.

As the manufacturer says, it is a three in one device. Wood stud detection is up to 19mm, 45mm for metal stud, 25mm for copper pipes, and 100mm for AC wires. The manufacturer includes the lithium battery that the device requires.


  • Included lithium-ion battery
  • 3 in 1 capability
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Easy to use button operation
  • The display shows finding and the battery life


  • It has comparatively less depth finding power

How To Choose This Tool Perfectly?

Below is a list of important factors in the process of choosing the perfect stud finder. You don’t want to overlook any of these factors. There are consequences if you do.


Ruggedness gives durability. Check to see that the unit you are about to purchase has a rugged design. Most of the units are plastic, but it has to be durable plastic. Else, the unit will not take in even a single drop; dropping will mean the end of the road for you.

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic design and ease of use are like the pinky and the index fingers, right there next to each other. Compact design makes for easy portability. We have units that slide into the trouser pockets. The manufacturer could also provide for a strap and carrying pouch.

The design of the handle should allow for a comfortable grab on the stud finder. Also, it should ensure for an anti-slip sure grip. The design should use an easy to operation method. Such as easy to access buttons. The best designs will allow for one hand operation of the finder. The operation buttons are right on the ergonomic design handle.


Well, the display makes for ease telling out the findings. The good one will accurately show you the findings. The display should allow for easy readout, and such displays have a back lite to facilitate clear readings even in poorly lite conditions.

The display should also allow for angle viewing of the results. Usually, it is not much of a big deal, because in most occasions you will be looking directly into the screen. The display should also indicate the battery life. Don’t you think you should always be aware how much life is left in the batteries?


The perfect one should be capable of almost everything that you require for effective stud finding. It should make for precise edge and centered. Also, it should have the capability to detect unshielded live wires, and also metal pipes and rebars. Identifying the objects behind the wall makes it safe to work in the house.

To offer for versatility, the stud finder should have integrated pencil marker for easy markings. It doesn’t take much for the manufacturer to provide the marker refills. Erasable markers offer for mess-free stud finding.

Type Of Finder

We have magnetic finders and electronic finders. The magnetic finders are unique since they do not require batteries. All they use is an earth magnetic. In effect, they make for a low maintenance stud finder.

On the other hand, the electronic ones are superior to the magnetic stud finders in performance and versatility. The magnetic finder is superior in ruggedness, and some people find it incredibly good. All in all, you will have to make a choice that best suits your purpose.

Final Verdict

Above is a list of the best stud finders that cover a wide range of affordability depending on your budget. Do not get it wrong, price and quality do not have a direct correlation.

Go ahead to the retailer rest assured that any of the above recommendations that you will settle on will deliver excellent performance. It has a whole range of versatility that you will not be enjoying from others.

Normally, all the manufacturers have excellent customer services. So, they will gladly fix any problems for you.

Another common issue is low battery power. You do not need to panic, a new pair of batteries will fix that. Now that this article will hopefully help you get rid of your worries proceed with purchasing the stud finder that best suits your needs.

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